FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit to work in the right of way?

Companies working on utilities in Township Road right of way areas will need a zoning permit from the Zoning Inspector.

Do I need a zoning permit for solar attached to a roof?

You do not need a zoning permit for solar attached to the roof of an existing building. 

Do I need a zoning permit to build a fence?

Fences other than agriculture fence, to contain livestock, require a zoning permit.  This is to ensure that the Township Zoning Resolution is followed for the correct placement and height restrictions.

How do I know what my land is zoned?

Please visit https://gis.greenecountyohio.gov/GIMS/ to find your property and check the zoning.  This can be found on the bottom of the "Property Info" tab.  Please note, "Class" on this page for for the Auditor's use only and does not indicate the zoning district.